5 Excuses People Make that Keep Them Stuck

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Many people are not happy with their life, because of their current lifestyle, relationship with others, health or financial situation.

A sad fact is, many choose to do nothing but complain, they keep saying things like, why am I so unfortunate? Why wasn’t I born rich? If only I’m more handsome/pretty, my life will be different, etc.

It might sound a bit harsh, but in my opinion, that’s what losers will do.

You have to understand that nothing will change, in fact it’ll only get worse, until you fix your mind and decide to say “Enough is enough” and take action.

It’s common sense, but most still won’t take the leap, although they are suffering already.

If you ask them why, they will usually make the following excuses, and now I want to pinpoint them out and debunk them one by one, so that there is no excuse, and you have to get started working.

Excuse#1: What if it doesn’t work?

Hard work doesn’t always guarantee success.

It’s one of the biggest fears that prevent us from making a move, because no one likes our effort going into waste.

But if you think carefully, it’s a silly excuse.

First of all, if you take action, there will be a chance of success. It might be slim, but it’s infinitely better than doing nothing where the success rate will always be zero.

Another question I want to raise here is, so what if it didn’t work when you started? When you begin your journey, the stakes are not high because you will be testing the water first anyway.

Say you have a business idea, you will do some market research first, and create a minimal viable product to test the market. You won’t resign right away, burning the boats going all-in if you have some common sense.

You are not risking much in the beginning, and even if it didn’t work out, it’s still going to be a valuable experience.

Excuse#2: I’m OK with my current position now.

Some people refuse to change for the better because they settle with their current lifestyle. Their life is decent; they’ve got food and shelter, maybe can afford to travel once per year.

They feel either it’s too greedy to ask for more, or find it not worth the effort because they are good enough.

They get complacent.

I always believe it’s a dangerous thought. If you look at what happened in 2020, you will understand what I mean. Many businesses were in a comfortable position in early 2020, and when Covid hits, they ran out of business or forced to restructure.

If you don’t change or adapt, you die. You might be doing OK for now, but no one can guarantee it’ll be longlasting, and that’s why we need to work on ourselves consistently.

Excuse#3: I’m too old to start.

If you look it up on Quora, you’ll find plenty of questions like “I’m ABC years old, am I too old to do XYZ?”.

These are the worst kind of questions you can ever ask, because you’ll get nothing meaningful from it, and I’ve mentioned in this article here.

I actually have a feeling the ones who ask this question somewhat know that it’s a stupid question, but they are still asking anyway.

Why? It’s all because of fear of failure. They fear themselves being too old to start, and they can’t recover if they fail.

Not going to convince you directly, but I want to give you some food for thought.

  1. Colonel(Kernel) Sanders achieve big success at the age of 60s, and he’s not the only one.
  2. Say you are sixty years old, you decided not to pursue your dream because you felt it’s too late. It turns out you live to 95. On the deathbed, you wonder how your life will be if you made a different decision back then.

Excuse#4: I don’t know how to start

If you made that excuse fifty years ago, I would say it’s reasonable, because knowledge wasn’t that accessible back then.

You can only go to the library and read the books page by page. If you are lucky enough, maybe you can find an expert to guide you through, but only when you have a great network.

But now, seriously?

You can virtually find anything you need on the internet. If you are just getting started, there are plenty of materials you can find on blogs or Youtube.

Even if you are confused with the answer, there are hundreds if not thousands of coaches that could clarify things and help you out.

Trust your friend Google more. Do your research.

Excuse#5: It’s already too late.

I was guilty of this.

Back in 2012, I already wanted to start a Youtube channel. I joked around with my friends saying I wanted to be a Youtuber, but I didn’t take action until 2020.

Obviously, I procrastinated, but my biggest fear was, well, I thought it’s too late to start. No one is going to watch my content because there are plenty of big players in the industry.

The question here is, is that true? What makes you think it’s already too late? In 2016, I thought it’s late. In 2017 I thought it’s late, and in 2018, I still thought it’s too late, but the fact is, Youtube user base grows every year by at least 5%.

And then I realize it’s just an excuse. Surely I didn’t start off early, but in 2025, 2030, perhaps others might want to be in my position because I started in 2020.

A quote of the day for you:

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.


Getting out of comfort zone is definitely not comfortable, but that’s the only way to grow. Since it is a painful process, we like to make excuses to justify it, so that we believe it’s OK to keep things as it is.

The five excuses I’ve pointed out earlier can be quite convincing, but I’ve debunked them one by one, and as you can see, they don’t make sense at all.

First, it doesn’t matter if it didn’t work, because you’ll always win after you make a move. Second, being complacent is more dangerous than you think because nothing is guaranteed. Thirdly, you are never too old to do something. And no, you cannot say you can’t find the resource because it’s everywhere.

And finally, nothing is too late. Just do it to leave no regrets.

A never-settled millennial that likes to write topics about career and personal finance for the like-minded. https://becomeabetterself.com/

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