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You know what?

Not long ago, I hated social media. To begin with, I didn’t like to disclose a lot of my personal life online, and I thought it was just a place for people to show off.

It’s a time-waster, so I stayed away from it.

That’s why I haven’t posted a Facebook update for more than three years, and just created my personal Instagram account in 2018, which is pretty late compare to most.

Then in 2019, due to some personal reasons, I want to make more money. So I started looking at some side-hustle ideas.


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We are so blessed to born at a time like this.

Nowadays, everything is so accessible. You can virtually learn anything on the internet, and if you are dedicated enough, it’s possible to learn rocket science without going to university.

So there are no excuses for not improving because you can easily find articles, videos, or even courses to learn whatever you want. It also means continuous learning is more important than ever. Because if you don’t, you will slowly lose your competitiveness.

When it comes to learning and upskilling, my first go-to is always Youtube. It’s a great…

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I presume you have a normal 9–5 job.

I presume what you earn is sufficient to pay off your living expense. Maybe you can even save a few hundred dollars every month, which you can invest elsewhere.

But, you know you can’t get out of the rat race just by relying on your salary. Also, after what happened in 2020, you realize there is no such thing as job security.

So you want to find another income stream. You have done some research and found out there are many ways to make money online. …

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What I’m going to say here is probably a bit controversial: It’s OK to give up.

Yes, you heard that right, it’s OK to give up. When you look up any motivational videos on Youtube, you will hear the phrase “Never give up” a lot. In fact, I even made a video on how to not give up easily sometimes ago.

So, am I contradicting myself? Isn’t persistence a virtue of being successful?

Let’s look at this image.

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Charismatic people are unique.

It feels like they are always emitting an aura of confidence, they are attractive and persuasive, and of course, likeable. Remember in your usual social gathering, there’s always a person being the centre of attention, everyone loves him, and you might wonder, how to become as likeable as that person?

It doesn’t require much explanation that knowing how to be charismatic will improve your leadership skills, easier to build connections and convince people to help you out. If you want to become successful in life, knowing how to be charismatic is essential.

The thing is, not…

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Few days ago, I caught up with a friend I know for a very long time. He’s about ten years younger than me, a high school drop-out working in a supermarket as a checkout operator.

He’s been doing this for a while, doesn’t earn much and of course, feeling stuck. That’s what he told me at the coffee catch up.

I certainly understand how miserable it can be. In my first two years of my career, I was working as an office clerk earning close to minimum wage, couldn’t see myself getting promoted and getting a huge pay rise…

You should be grateful all the time. Practice gratitude whenever you can. Always be grateful for what you have.

If you are interested in the personal development niche, then you must be very familiar with the above statements. Many influencers or success coaches will say you should be grateful at all times, because that will improve your spiritual health, and lead you to the ultimate path to happiness.

Not convinced? Look it up online. You’ll find thousands of articles stating practice gratitude will increase your satisfaction, motivation and energy, at the same time reduce stress and sadness.

Yes. It’s…

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Many people are not happy with their life, because of their current lifestyle, relationship with others, health or financial situation.

A sad fact is, many choose to do nothing but complain, they keep saying things like, why am I so unfortunate? Why wasn’t I born rich? If only I’m more handsome/pretty, my life will be different, etc.

It might sound a bit harsh, but in my opinion, that’s what losers will do.

You have to understand that nothing will change, in fact it’ll only get worse, until you fix your mind and decide to say “Enough is enough” and…

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Attention is the new currency — that’s what Gary Vee said all the time. The reality is, it’s not just about online marketing or business; this concept applies to virtually any aspects of life.

If you can easily become the centre of attention and without going through many struggles, you will go very far in life. And being an extrovert seems to have a significant edge in that.

They don’t seem to feel nervous approaching strangers; they are more energetic, charming and convincing when they speak.

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When you are browsing on social media or watching youtube videos, you are going to see lots of ads, right? And very likely, you must have seen some internet marketers or influencers promoting themselves by giving out their books for free: They will ship the book to your address, all you have to do is cover shipping.

Quite a lot of reputable people are doing this currently, and the offer seems legit. Some books are even the best-sellers, and if you look it up on Amazon, they have pretty good ratings.

Since I’m really into personal development, I find…

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