Here’s what happened After I played Ring Fit Adventure for 100 Days

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So earlier I have made a video of myself playing Ring Fit Adventure for 30 days, and I’ve received a few requests that they are interested to see my progress and wonder how would I look like if I play for a bit longer.

Well, since I’m so committed to this, and I want to make this as a record for myself as well, challenge accepted. This article records my progress of 100 days of body transformation with Ring Fit Adventure.

Thanks to the pandemic, I have not been to the gym a single time in 2020, and my only exercise besides Ring Fit is my weekly Taekwon-Do training, which didn’t happen very often because we were in Lockdown for a few weeks during August in Auckland.

So simply put, in these 100 days 90% of my exercises are just playing Ring Fit at home, and in this video, I’m going to share with you what I’ve gone through, the biggest struggles in my journey, and why I think it’s the perfect tool for slackers like me to go from fat to fit.


So the first day I play Ring Fit Adventure is on the 4th of June, and the day I reach my 100-day mark is on the 19th of September 2020, which is 107 days after the first day I play the game.

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That means I have taken seven days off in the challenge, which I think is fair because I’m working out every day for most weeks.

In these 100 days, I have burnt more than 20,000 calories in total.

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FYI — if you have a calorie deficit of 7700 calories, then you’ll lose 1 kg of fat, to give you some idea this is how 2 kilogram of fat looks like, and give and take, I should have lost at least this much fat on the left.

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And also I think in total, I’ve pressed the Ring for more than nearly hundred thousand times, at first I was kind of worried I may break the Ring for playing too much, but the Ring itself is super durable.

Background of the game

If you are not too sure what this game is about, there are several modes in it, but I’m only going to talk about the main-mode here. The plot is, you will be teaming up with the Ring to save the world by taking down an evil, bodybuilding dragon called Dragaux.

You will encounter enemies as you play, and to fight them you need do sets of workout to inflict damage to your enemies.

Obviously, the final boss is Dragaux, but I think one of the most remarkable or toughest battles is fighting against the mid-bosses, the Four Masters at once near the end of the game.

Each master is good at one specific body part of workout, and that means as I fight them all together, I’ll have to do a well-rounded workout.

During the battle, they’ll launch a super attack from time to time, and to counter you’ll have to hold a position for nearly a minute, which is super tiring.

Hitting Plateau

The Second Biggest challenge in my 100 days body transformation journey is, hitting the plateau.

Ring fit adventure is a great workout, but the problem is, once your body is getting used to the workout routine, then the progress will slow down.

You see in my first video of 30 days challenge, the change was quite noticeable, but the problem is, in my day 50, 60 and 70, I look pretty much the same.

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Back then, I was quite worried, because I knew I was planning to film a 100 days body transformation video, and that would really suck if I don’t have anything to show you.

So that means I’ll have to do something differently.

Action 1: Increase workout level

The thing is, I’m almost playing an hour or two per day, and playing for longer hours is not viable for me, because I have other commitments such as coaching other professionals and making Youtube videos.

The first approach is to increase the workout level. The game itself has a built-in intensity level system, so if you think the workout is too easy, you can always increase the difficulties so you’ll be doing more reps as you play. Unfortunately, I’ve been playing at the highest level since day five, so I have to find other ways to make my workout harder.

For example, when I do squats, I’ll be doing jumping squats instead, and when I do Russian twist, I lift my legs so it’ll be more tiring.

Action 2: Stop Drinking Smoothies

Another challenge I’ve given to myself is to stop drinking smoothies.

No, I’m not talking about the real smoothies. They are in-game items that will make your battle easier such as increase your attack power or changing skill colour, not using them means it’ll take more effort and time to complete a stage — which isn’t a bad thing for me anyway because that will increase the lifespan of the game.

Action 3: Control my Diet

And if I’m serious about losing weight, I have to control my diet as well. In the past, I have been doing intermittent fasting, but I don’t follow it strictly, but from day 70 onwards I’m skipping breakfast every day to ensure my eating window is short enough. I also prepare my meal more often than usual. One of my favourites is pan-fried chicken tenderloin plus salad, not the best meal ever but I can eat it for a couple of weeks.

Snacking less with Ring Fit Adventure

Oh, and another thing that I want to bring up is, thanks to Ring Fit Adventure, I’m now snacking a lot less. So you might wonder, how does Ring Fit Adventure have anything to do with it.

Let’s face it. When we are at home and feeling bored, quite often we’ll be snacking mindlessly. As a result, we ended up eating in more calories than we should for the day.

But that is less likely to happen for me now because I have an extra option. By replacing snacking with working out, it’s just going to make a significant impact on my weight loss journey.


This how I look like on Day 1: 78kg, 22% body fat

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and Day 100: 72kg, 17% body fat

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I know I could have done better, but I’m very proud of myself for what I’ve done. I will keep playing until I finish every single stage and get the Ring Fit Master title.

I’ve never been so committed to working out, and I think this is the first time in my life that I get to see the shape of my abs. Probably because of the fun theory which I’ve mentioned in this article, as long as we can find ways to have fun in the process, we’ll be consistent. It’s just going to make our life a whole lot better.

Are you going to get one soon?

I’m Keith So, enjoy writing and hope to inspire others. See more of my articles at or sign up my newsletter for my Complete Guide to Build Super Self Confidence.

A never-settled millennial that likes to write topics about career and personal finance for the like-minded.

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